ICAS Mathematics

Assess school students’ numeracy skills with ICAS Mathematics

As the foundation of STEM and a fundamental part of human thought and logic, Mathematics is a crucial building block for academic success.

In recognition of the subject’s educational importance, ICAS Mathematics assessments are designed to provide an objective ranking of students’ performance based on the curricula for the relevant year. Maths skills such as logical reasoning, problem solving and critical thinking not only help students perform well in STEM subjects — they also underpin key areas of our daily lives as consumers of money and media.

I think the most rewarding part of doing ICAS is the sense of accomplishment you get from completing the competition and especially if you do well in it. I think ICAS 2022 was a great way to challenge yourself and identify areas of improvement. I think ICAS prepares me for my future learning by helping identify areas I can work on and from that I can develop those areas and come back a smarter person.
Year 9 Mathematics student, 2022

What students do in ICAS Mathematics

From simple everyday connections to baking, banking and budgeting, to the complex mathematics behind technology used in programming, engineering and machine learning, mathematics is all around us. There’s even fractions and ratios in music, geometry and data analysis in sports, and measurements and financial maths in fashion. Clearly, mathematics is integral to doing well in school and understanding the world, and there is no better opportunity to test your mathematical mettle than with ICAS assessments.

More than simply a maths competition, ICAS Mathematics assessments consist of questions written and reviewed every year by expert educators. Papers are carefully graded to stimulate interest and learning across a wide range of abilities, including gifted and talented students. Students encounter questions related to key mathematical learning areas including: 

In turn, students receive a unique academic experience designed to challenge their abilities beyond the classroom, a greater understanding of where their strengths and areas of improvement lie, and recognition and encouragement of academic success.


What students do in ICAS English

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As the world’s global language and arguably one of the most important subjects of the Australian curriculum, English is a crucial building block for academic success.

As the foundation of STEM and a fundamental part of human thought and logic, Mathematics is a crucial building block for academic success.

In a world full of wicked problems like pandemics, climate change and food security, science is more important and more exciting than ever before.


In a digital world where technology underpins how we communicate, learn, work, and navigate our modern lives, understanding Digital Technologies is essential.

As our primary means of communication in academic, social and professional life, writing is one of the most fundamental skills to practise and master.

Spelling is more important than it seems — it lays a crucial foundation for literacy, communication and broader academic success.

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